Reducing pain and increasing mobility enhances the bond between animal and human. Your pet can achieve greater, quality longevity. Dr. Caitlin Leonard provides in-home therapy to patients who are physically compromised, or to patients of pet parents who are unable or have difficulty bringing their pet to a facility.


On TRAC Veterinary Care offers rehabilitation, acupuncture, and chiropractic services for small, companion animals- primarily the canine species. On TRAC  also provides end of life care and euthanasia so the pet parents have someone they know and trust helping their loved one transition in a peaceful manner.


On TRAC Veterinary Care serves veterinary professionals, pet parents, canine officer handlers, canine athletes and show handlers in the Denver Metro area.

On TRAC Veterinary Care LLC,

Caitlin Leonard DVM, CCRP, cVMA

20 W. Dry Creek Circle, Suite 230, Littleton, CO 80120


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