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At On TRAC, transparency and collaboration are at the heart of our approach to canine care. We believe in fostering a strong partnership with our clients to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. The commitments and expectations displayed below serve as a foundation for mutual understanding and shared responsibility in the well-being of your pets. By clearly defining our commitments to our patients and setting clear expectations for our clients, we aim to create a supportive and communicative environment where every member of our team, including you, plays a vital role in the health and happiness of your canine companions.

Care is heartfelt and individualized for each patient, giving your beloved pet a better life.


  • On TRAC commits to providing veterinary rehabilitation services with the goals of reducing pain, improving mobility, and optimizing quality of life for our patients. We commit to connecting with and educating our clients in support of upholding and honoring the pet - parent bond. We commit to advocating honestly and compassionately for our patients, and to collaborating with you to develop accessible and effective treatment plans.

  • On TRAC commits to providing patient care based on years of training, working experience, personal experience, and continued learning opportunities. The specialized care we provide is heart-felt and individualized for each patient. We will spend more time with you and your pet than most veterinary professionals because this time is essential for achieving our goals.

  • On TRAC commits to consistent, timely, and high-quality communication with other veterinary practitioners involved with the patient’s care. We will refer for advanced diagnostics, additional expertise, or surgical procedures if necessary.

  • On TRAC commits to timely and kind communication with you, our clients. We make ourselves available by email and strive to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. (Note that in order to care for our team and ourselves, we are closed on weekends and holidays, and will respond to your inquiry the next business day.)


  • We expect our clients to heed our advice and participate actively in the recommendations we make for our patients. We expect our clients to communicate honestly about their capacity for at-home treatment and to own their role in the outcome of our patients.

  • We expect our clients to assist in protecting us as professionals by disclosing if their dog has threatened harm, or caused harm, to humans or to other dogs in the past. These dogs, and any dog that the practitioner deems unsafe, may be muzzled for everyone’s safety during treatment.

  • We expect our clients to assist us in caring for our facilities. Incontinent dogs or those who mark will be in a diaper or belly band when inside our facility. If appropriate preventive measures are not implemented, an additional cleaning fee may be assessed.

  • We expect our clients to respect our time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we must reschedule your appointment and a late fee of 50% of the visit price may apply.

  • We expect our clients to provide payment in full at the time of service. Please be prepared to share a card to be kept on file at the time of your first visit to be used in the event of a late fee only. (In return, we commit to safeguarding your data and communicating clearly about all charges.)

  • We expect our clients to recognize and respect that we do not provide emergency services or primary care services (i.e., bloodwork, vaccines, ear and eye care, etc).

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